February 14th, 2001

primary butterflies

is it Sunday yet?

So I got "congratulated" today on my acquisition of a boyfriend, how's about that? It was all in good spirits, though -- Isaac's a friend of both of ours, and he was so funny when he said it. He was telling me this story about how he was mentioning to his wife that 'Yeah Eric and Heather are going to hook up soon' the day before he heard that we actually did!

I cannot believe that it is only halfway through the 10 days Eric's gone. I feel like I have a split personality -- part of me just wants him to be back, and the other part of me looks on at that part as being a bit pathetic.

I mean, okay we did just hook up on the 3rd, so I'm allowed a little slack, I assume.

The bonus is, I get to spend valentines day with my single friends, which makes for less awkwardness than ditching them for the new friend-turned-boyfriend.

Of course, this does not mean that if he doesn't call he won't be in big trouble. Maybe I'll just keep the huge Bubbles pillow I got him! :)
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