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Remember the List

Dog class tonight! ... without the dog.

To do:

  • Pay bills/update quicken

  • Stop at target and buy:

    • air-tight trashcan (for doggie doodoo)

    • AA batteries

    • Laser pointer (possibly from office depot)

    • trash bags with handles instead of these yikky flap ties

  • deposit credit card payment check

  • Write IL27 presentation

  • check and return VM
  • update chec webpage -- email Judy

  • Call:

    • Jack B

  • Talk to Ryan

  • send email out about BCS MOU

  • do laundry

  • Pick up longer tie-out, nature's miracle, compressed rawhide & petfood from pet store
  • pick up/return library books

replace flush valve
clip dog and kitty nails
brush doggie teeth
install key hook shelf
requote cisco costs for tony
send tony 2003 budget items & promotion suggestions
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