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Oy. - Princess — LiveJournal
Back from weekend at L's mom's house (more of a sprawl, really) in the quad cities. I am extremely thankful I don't get hangovers, because if I did, I'd have a doozy of one now. I'm tired enough as it is since Julie, Weiss and I stayed up until 6 am while J and I sobered up enough to sleep; Weiss kept us company while he was waiting for the world cup final, which the local affiliate in the boonies didn't pick up.

But thankfully, zen_raven drove, and I was able to close my eyes for the 2 hour ride home, and I feel like I can actually keep my eyelids open for an hour at a time.

I can't believe J and I used to get this drunk as a regular occurrence in college; we haven't done so in a long time and I'm definitely feeling the after effects (and my age?). But, it was totally worth it, J and I had some good nostalgia and bonding, and it was good times.

Current Mood: exhausted exhausted

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