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The listfather II - Princess — LiveJournal
The listfather II

  • write Ron keywork email

  • update PC

  • talk to Jason about mentor/feedback

  • call Claire

  • call salton-maxim and get rice cooker manual

  • go grocery shopping

  • eat 5 fruits/veggies because eating veggies is that good for you, D
  • walk outside for 20 min unless the treadmill is amazingly fixed
  • do laundry including dishtowels

  • call farging treadmill folks turns out I have a broken console and can't use it for two weeks, at least,as the console is backordered, arr

  • enter dante projects

  • call dealer, schedule a/c fixing appointment

start online training
set up peer review board
set up IP mgmt meetings
email response to pirics email
pick up library books
clean kitchen
renew other library books
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