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Workin' from home, cha cha cha. My challenge today is to not spend so much time making new icons, like I did last night. Instead, I will:

  • do laundry

  • write & send out IL93 plan

  • start IL27 plan; look at Samantha's PID; work on project charter

  • check & return VM

  • call Matt Barnes re: Chris p.

  • call Amy re: lunch

  • send out Americas MW projects for Y/N Dante

  • update quicken

  • email teams with what they'd like to be trained on

  • clean off dining room table

  • work out for 20 freaking minutes on the treadmill

  • call kat's friend Jen re: papasan chair
  • call mom re: transport for papasan chair

p.s. - if you have windows and haven't checked dave's search tool out, you're missing out -- especially since now you can type 'amaz <book search>' and have it pop up a web browser with your amazon search! Plus, it acts as a google search and a calculator.

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