Sound Byte (maigrey) wrote,
Sound Byte

I am dumb.

For I was dumb and stayed up past 2 am last night. What, do I think I'm in college again where my body can handle this? Ha ha! I guess what they say is really true: too much of a good thing can be bad for you! Case in point, too much good and amusing conversation with snidegrrl and the future dictator of the world tested my resolve to sleep. But, I have Australia! Mmm, Heath Ledger, Hugh Jackman, Russell Crowe! Wokka Wokka!

Anyway, please make sure to send me caffeination vibes this way. I'm so going to need them.

non-sequitor: what is with this sudden thunderstorm that started at 7:45?! It totally ruined my outfit plans for the day, for how can you wear sandals when it's thunderstorming? Fen.

  • Tired.

    Being in the office at 8:30 am means getting up at 5 because I hate traffic and traffic starts at 6:30. Wah. But I did get more Caribou. YOMS.

  • Making orthodontia better

    + ...I have about 4 hours before I can't eat anything that isn't soft...

  • For Lori.

    I hate you pollen. HATE YOU.

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