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Things I need to get done today - Princess — LiveJournal
Things I need to get done today
feel free to ignore this, it's mostly for personal use

.. It's back to list time for me, just because I've got a gazillion things to do today:

  • schedule virtual team meeting

  • complete networkers skills inventory

  • compile Tony's project list

  • call satellite by choice guy

  • write biz email
  • call vet to change appointment time

  • return library books
  • buy cat litter

  • talk to Sue T. re: databill changes

  • find out who the MSS contact is to get billing data for circuits

  • do dishes

  • call Judy S.

  • Call Debbie re: Lindsi's birthday

  • get birthday cards for Chris, Sean and Lindsi

  • write for 10 min in journal to get thoughts all out of my head

Current Mood: glah

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