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one thing I really hate... - Princess — LiveJournal
one thing I really hate...
Is recording the 'I'm gone for x amount of time' voicemail.

It always takes me 100 tries.

Current Mood: frustrated frustrated

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jlindquist From: jlindquist Date: June 1st, 2002 09:39 am (UTC) (Link)
Script it first. I always stumbled over my words trying to record announcements... "Hi, you've missed Jason Lindquist at Qualcomm, from June 14th through the 22nd, I'll be, umm, fucked up--"

Once I laid it out on paper, I'd nail it on the first try. I had a standard "insert excuse here" message written out, which I'd provide if I'd kept a copy of it when I left the Big Fucking Q
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