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top ten - Princess — LiveJournal
top ten
So I was thinking, just to be superficial -- who would make my top ten in the list of yummy actors?

In no particular order:
1.) Hugh Jackman
2.) Heath Ledger
3.) Kevin Spacey
4.) Denzel Washington
5.) Brendan Fraiser
6.) Russell Crowe
7.) Carey Elwes
8.) Pierce Brosnan
9.) Johnny Depp
10.) Joeseph Finnes

Honoroable mentions:
Benico del Toro
Ralph Finnes
Nick Cage (he had to be moved to make way for Brendan Fraiser, it was a tough decision)
Brad Pitt

Did I miss one of your top ten? Tell me!

I forgot Ewan McGregor and Samuel L. Jackson

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