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an update on me

Work: Things are settling out, and I'm excited about my new role, though it seems a technical architect slash implementer slash project chickie's job is [drum roll please] going to meetings! And, while I won't have any direct reports, I will be queen of the dotted line reports and be pulling in people from all over to get things done.

Weekend: Supah! I relaxed, read, got a library card (after a year of living here, lazy me), got some books, anchored my bookcase to the wall, and emptied most of my books into it.

Wtonight (work with me here on my w theme): vacuuming, laundry, and Skee-ball with gopherbomb! I lurve me some skee-ball, though I cannot believe that a) Pat didn't know what Dave & Busters was (!!) and b) that S didn't even know what skee-ball was (!!!!!).

Random note: I seem to have been labeled a tart. Blueberry, even.

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