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my evening, in list format.

  • Talk Patrick into distracting me from my very bad absolutely terrible no good day at work.

  • we plan on going to the casino in Elgin to play trashy slots.

    • he wouldn't let me talk him into going into indiana

  • despite the fact that I will not let him see the inside of my house due to its messiness, he takes me to see what could be my dream house, to cheer me up.

    • It's verra pretty, but the lawn is covered with goose poop. Ew.

  • We get to the casino, eat dinner at the deli after deciding not to spend $22/ea on the buffet

    • that must have been one damn good buffet!

    • But the deli was quite adequate.

  • We get change for a $20 and play the quarter slots.

    • The slot machines are so not what they're cracked up to be.

    • I mean, for reals, boring.

    • So we left.

  • Since I have been promised a drink, we go in search of a bar, and come upon a dive bar in Bartlett.

    • A real live dive bar

    • where we saw 4 guys in new World Order wrestling t-shirts

    • who challenged one of the other friends to snort crushed red peppers.

    • Yes. snort red peppers. through his nose!!!

    • It took him about 5 minutes, and he didn't bleed.

  • Then, I had an urge to go to the park, and we did.

    • We swung on the swings

    • and bounced on the suspension bridge

    • and I fell off the barrel roll thing several times

      • I was tipsy and not coordinated; they don't mix

    • And then we called Betsy, who rocks.

    • We looked at the stars

  • And then I got a ride home.

And I am a much happier person. Thank you, you know who you are.
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