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I think I bought everything but the kitchen sink, and a dog. - Princess — LiveJournal
I think I bought everything but the kitchen sink, and a dog.

  • I didn't intend on going shopping for most of the day, for reals.

  • I figured I would go out, stop at the animal shelter, go pick up some things at target, and get oberweis ice cream on the way home.

    • Two out of 3 isn't bad.

  • I didn't go buy a dog. I didn't even go to the animal shelter, for I have decided that I have to have a clean house before I get another critter.

    • This means it could be a long while before I get a dog.

  • I found out, though, that when I started shopping, I looked at my list of 'errands' and had a lot more that I needed to do.

  • In six hours I managed to:

  • Buy:

    • A new clock radio that can adjust by hours and minutes instead of 'forward' and 'reverse' and 'insanely fast forward'

      • do you realize just how few clocks have that feature these days? I mean, really. Some of us are not so with it on the 'stopping at the right minute' alarm clock setting skills.

      • it also has the coolest feature: a nap button you can set for up to two hours, and it'll wake you up.

      • No more of the needing to do math to set the alarm. This rocks my socks off.

    • A new cordless phone with caller ID for upstairs bedroom

    • adjustable shower curtain for the sliding door off the bedroom, as it's slightly tilted and lets the outside air in.

      • this is not good in winter, nor the heat of summer.

    • Stoli Rasberri vodka

      • So, a serious question -- is there a difference between stoli vodka and smirnoff, other than 8 bucks?

    • Sour mix

    • Vanilla rum

      • though they no longer sell the kind I really like

      • booooo

    • food, litter and pounce for the cats

      • and catnip bubbles, which they are so not getting the idea with

    • cereal

    • carnation instant breakfast

    • 3 bottles of sugar free raspberry torani syrup from cost plus

      • I only wanted 2, really, but the guy rang me up for three.
      • He was nice, and cute, so instead of going through the hassle of a refund, I just picked up a third.
      • I mean, I drink enough mocha in the morning that I'll use it eventually, right?

    • otis spunkmeyer muffins

    • a bath pillow you can fill with air or warm/cool water

    • Oberweis chocolate peanut butter ice cream

  • Looked at:

    • a gazillion stores for a filing cabinet, which I will probably buy from office max

    • patio furniture

    • new bedroom linen sets

      • can we say expensive?

      • I knew you could.

    • several stores to find a mini-carabineer

      • I have a large one for my keys now, but when driving, the house keys bang on my knee.

      • this is not so much a problem in winter, when I wear jeans.

      • but in the summer, with shorts? Ugh, Something Must Be Done.

    • I think now, I am going to attack my bathroom, and clean it to a shine.

      • Has someone replaced your regular maigrey with folders crystals?

      • Stay tuned.

Current Mood: shopped out
Current Music: she's on fire -- train

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From: jezaurelle Date: April 13th, 2002 09:04 pm (UTC) (Link)
Sounds like a ton of fun! The shopping, that is. And that is one cool alarm clock. :)
maigrey From: maigrey Date: April 13th, 2002 09:47 pm (UTC) (Link)


Actually, I'm an odd duck in the female world -- shopping often exhausts me, more than energizes me.

And a nap button! it's all with the rocking the socks off. :)
iltamies From: iltamies Date: April 13th, 2002 11:21 pm (UTC) (Link)

RE: The vodka

I've had my fair share of different kinds of vodka. And having had both Schmirnoff and Stoli, I can tell you that Stoli is the better vodka. I'm pretty sure that Stoli is real Russian vodka, and Schmirnoff is American, but I could be wrong. Plus, Stoli comes in Vanilla, Orange, Lemon, Blueberry, Raspberry, Lime, Cherry, Currant, you name it. It really isn't bad at all. Personally, if I'm going to go mid-range(price) vodka though, I go with Finlandia. One, because it's Finnish (The Finns make better vodka than the Russians, in my opinion) and two which is actually a subset of one; I'm half Finnish. Sure, I'm American as sinnie sees fit to point out constantly, but I can say i'm half Finnish because half my ethnic background is just that, and I'm proud of it. (proud of the Irish and Swedish too.)

Incidentally, Finlandia makes a Cranberry Vodka that is awesome,. They used to make a pineapple vodka, but that didn't really catch on. And they just started making a lime, which I haven't tried.

If I'm going to high-range(price) vodka, go Grey Goose, Belvedere, Kettle One, or Koskenkorva Viina(If I could get it here in the US, I've only had it once but it was like Vodka heaven.)

So I hope that helps.
maigrey From: maigrey Date: April 14th, 2002 12:19 pm (UTC) (Link)

Re: The vodka


My problem is, I don't really drink straight vodka. I mix it; raspberry vodka is so good with orange juice or sour mix (like a raspberry lemonade in the latter case), that I don't know if I'd even notice the difference if I used the american vodka vs the russian one.

Though, I did buy the Stoli. :)
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