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The List o' things to get done today - Princess — LiveJournal
The List o' things to get done today
Starting with the top of the house:

  • bring all cleaning elements upstairs, incl. vacuum

  • bring all my moving boxes full of books downstairs

  • go through closets and drawers; all clothes I haven't worn in 1 year get donated to cancer foundation

  • clean bathroom

  • dust -- and I mean every surface

  • 1:30 pm, take cat to vet for blood draw

  • 3:30 pm shower, get ready to go downtown.

  • buy shower curtain rod or dowel for sliding doors
  • someday/maybe: get new sliding doors off bedroom
  • buy non-crappy caller ID box for upstaris bedroom
  • measure walls in bedroom to get dimensions for new bedroom set
  • vacuum upstairs
  • hang pictures in guest bedroom
  • go through drawers in guest bedroom & organize
  • flip mattresses

... more to come
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