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Letters to my live - Princess — LiveJournal
Letters to my live
Dear Men,

90% of the time, I enjoy being 'one of the guys'. The cracks about hot chicks in the bar do not bother me, as I will respond in kind with the comments about the hot bartender. It is a fact of life in the IT world that I am in a serious minority, and I generally do not have issue with this. However, would it be too much for you to realize that 10% of the time, you are really pissing the crap out of me and I have no need for your macho machismo bull honkey?


Dear Snow,

Did you not get the season change memo? I realize you were rather lax during the month of winter, but there's no need to be childish and attempt to make up for it now, grasshopper.


Dear Caffeine,

Miss you. How about if I stop by your place in about 10 minutes and we can catch up?

Needing a pick-me-up,
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From: grapesoda Date: March 21st, 2002 10:20 am (UTC) (Link)
snidegrrl From: snidegrrl Date: March 21st, 2002 02:18 pm (UTC) (Link)
Don't let the boys and their boy games fuck with you. I know I usually brand myself as the bitch from hell at work, but I don't care; I feel better when I have voiced my discomfort with an inappropriate remark. Maybe someday I will regret it, or end up bonking my nose on a glass ceiling, but until such time as I have ambition to propel myself above it, I'll suffer down here in the trenches and if someone's going to speak their mind about hot chicks or some other aspect of macho bull honkey, then I am going to speak my mind about my super-bitch feminazi tendencies. Call it what you want... if my feminism makes me a bitch, then I suppose his masculism makes him an asshole.
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