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Day 17

  • I've pretty much gotten over my cold -- in three days! That's never happened before.

  • Went to yoga last night -- I felt so relaxed, even though it was amazingly hard work. I liked it a lot more than Tai-Chi.

  • I'm able to resist the bread, but not these mini reeses peanut butter cup eggs, dangit.

    • I tried to find a link but failed. What's with that?

  • I'm trying to reorganize my life, and hoo boy there's a lot of work.

    • which is why I've been so absent lately.

  • I'm also not feeling like going to pottery tonight.

    • I don't know why, other than I'm not feeling too terribly creative.
    • And I feel like relaxing and sitting on the couch and watching TV
    • Is that bad?


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