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motivation - Princess — LiveJournal
Or lack of it, really. I'm finding I'm losing my urge to work; I'd rather just sit and web surf and talk to my friends all day, rather than get anything done.

Why is that? I feel much better when I accomplish something, yet I sabotage myself from doing just that in a lot of ways. By not finishing things at work -- I Have a great habit of starting things with the best of intentions, and then getting bored. I do that with my personal life, too. Look at my latest attempt to lose weight -- I'm not even really trying; I don't know why I bother sticking with it if I'm not going to give it a good attempt.

At least if I can get the IDF5 stuff taken care of, I can get a lot off my list, because paying bills won't be difficult, just time consuming, and maybe a little stressful because finances are difficult now.

I have got to find a roommate.

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Current Music: Tori Amos-Past The Mission

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