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i want a do over - Princess — LiveJournal
i want a do over
I want to do today over.

It started with my pager going off twice last night (okay, three times, but I slept through the third) between 1am and 2 am. Granted, those were from a boy, but hey. I need sleeeep.

So, I got up late, but I held out hope. I had a coupon for a free mocha, after all. And how can a day go wrong when you have a lovely FREE mocha to start the day off with?

Answer: you spill said free mocha all over your desk, under your dock, onto your pants and splashed over your keyboard. And to top it off, your dock holds a really HEAVY 21" monitor, so to get mocha spoo from under the dock, you have to lift and move it.

I think it's okay to cry over spilt mocha.

Current Mood: sigh
Current Music: Turning Japanese - Liz Phair

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bene From: bene Date: April 5th, 2001 10:25 am (UTC) (Link)

it will get better.
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