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Can we move morning a few hours later?
I have got to start treating my body better; no more of this up at 1 am stuff. Of course, the question is how to break the cycle and get to sleep by 11 am. Exercise? Melatonin? Does that really work?

I should quit reading LJ and writing and blow dry my hair and get my bootay to work.
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scootah From: scootah Date: January 14th, 2002 06:13 am (UTC) (Link)
Be careful, I just found out that Melatonin is actually pretty risky stuff. They haven't even approved it for use in Canada yet. You might want to look into a drug called Lorazepam (or also called Ativan). It's a sleeping aid that you take for a couple of nights that helps get you back on a normal cycle. And hey, when you get the prescription filled, they even put a little sticker on the bottle that says "May cause drowsiness." Gotta love that. :)
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