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100 things about me

100 true things about me:

1. Everyone in my family needed glasses by third grade, except me. I was 16 when my eyes started to go, and my sister was very annoyed, as she had to wait a year to get contacts, while I got them immediately.
2. My sister and I are extremely competitive, so we split things down the middle: she was social sciences and english girl, and I was the math and science whiz.
3. I was a daddy's girl, all the way.
4. I was born in Dover, New Jersey, and lived there for all of 1.5 years.
5. I became a Bears fan in order to see what could cause my dad to leave coffee hour from church early.
6. I skipped a grade when I was younger, halfway through first grade.
7. I decided in 8th grade that this was a bad move, and made the decision on my own to repeat 7th grade. It was the best decision of my life, even if it did mean spending 4 years in the hell that was junior high instead of just 3.
8. I won the 'Science Student' award my senior year of high school, since I took all three AP courses offered.
9. I spent at least two weeks every summer at camp from the age of 7 until I was 20.
10. I taught skin-diving for several of those summers, part of which involved throwing foil covered rocks into the lake for the kids to find. They loved me.
11. I went to the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, majoring in chemical engineering
12. I got introduced to the guts of computers my junior year, and there went the plans for being a ChE.
13. My favorite ice cream is chocolate peanut butter, or godiva's chocolate hazelnut truffle
14. I have never, ever, been thin. Ever.
15. I have really tiny, deep veins. When I was 8, I had a bladder infection, and they needed to x-ray me with this stuff in my veins. They tried my left elbow twice, my right elbow twice, then went to my left wrist, and finally managed to get it in my right wrist. I can't even imagine what my dad, who was in the room, was going through.
16. I've broken my arm once, in 7th grade. We were doing that olympics thing, and I was going on the monkey bars. I lost my momentum, but each rung was worth a certain number of points, so I tried to make it. I didn't; instead, I slipped and fell, hit my elbow and received a hairline fracture in my wrist from the vibration.
17. I decided to get a plaster cast instead of those new fangled fiberglass ones, because I wanted everyone to sign it. Talk about heavy.
18. I managed to crash my first car within 6 months of having it; it was totaled. Until then, I never new there was such a thing as snowplaning.
19. The men I've been dating have put more dents on my car than I have.
20. I hate making decisions.
21. I used to write my own doctors notes to get out of class during school.
22. In fact, I used to fake my mother's voice and call myself in sick quite often too.
23. Jim Quinn proposed to me in Kindergarten. I doubt he remembered it in high school -- he was in the jock crowd, and I was in the not-jock crowd.
24. I was the editor in chief of my high school yearbook.
25. I egged one of my friends on to slash the tires of an ex boyfriend. I'm still not as sorry about that as I should be, perhaps.
26. One of the boys I had a crush on when I was 16 and a lifeguard at the YMCA named his kid after me.
27. I have taught innumerable amounts of children how to swim at the B.R. Ryall YMCA in Glen Ellyn. The kids loved me, and I actually really loved teaching swim lessons.
28.Some day, I want to get married and have two, maybe three children.
29. I don't know what I'll do if they're boys. 12 girls, I can handle. Boys, I don't have any clue about.
30. I love to read. In fact, I can't fall asleep at night unless I read a few pages.
31. I sleep with a comforter, even in the heat of summer; what can I say, I'm a creature of habit.
32. When I was younger, my mother would buy me books for the 10 hour car trip to Kansas City. I would read them all before we even left. After about the 3rd or fourth trip where she asked me 'But what happened to your books?" and getting the answer "I read them already!" she began keeping the books from me. I got one to tide me over between buying the books and the trip. It was never enough.
33. I always bought my books; my dad began asking me if I knew what a library was.
34. I worked at McDonalds for 1.5 years. After that, I promised myself I would never work in the fast food business ever again.
35. I've thought about taking a second job at Caribou Coffee, though.
36. I have two cats, but I really want a dog. I'm not home enough, though.
37. My first kiss was after a drunken party in my dorm room. My roommates walked in on us, too.
38. A week later, I realized that while the boy was an amazing kisser, I just couldn't date someone with a lack of motivation and ambition.
39. Ironically, he is the owner of a car magazine, is married and has children now.
40. I was named Heather, because I wasn't a boy.
41. Every first born in My dad's family has been male, and named Herbert Oliver. Since, well, I wasn't a boy, I was named something close. Heather Alice. My dad wanted Heather Olivia, and I wish he'd won out: I hate Alice.
42. I am totally lost without my pilot.
43. I worry about everything. Especially boys.
44. I didn't have my first boyfriend until I was 20.
45. My parents decided to announce their divorce plans to my sister and I the hour we got back from a weekend lock-in, when we didn't have much sleep at all, if any. I guess we were already numb.
46. We knew this was coming, though. 9 years earlier, while my parents were fighting, my sister asked: who would you go with? And we'd decided. I would go with my dad, and my sister with my mother, because she was more lenient. I liked the common sense rules my dad had.
47. My mother asked me if I needed to go on birth control before I left for college.
48. I have a TiVo, and it is a wonderful thing.
49. I've sung in (what was) Orchestra Hall, Carnegie Hall, and Finland, while in the Glen Ellyn Children’s Chorus.
50. I've also sung under Sir George Solti and James Levine. It didn't much impress me then, really, as I was about 11.
51. I hate practicing. So much so, that I learned to memorize songs very quickly. This served me well throughout my academic career, as I could pretty much remember anything I wrote down in class. Thank you GECC.
52. I would rather do anything besides cleaning. Hence this list, I guess.
53. I'm afraid of being a spinster and ending up alone.
54. I chipped my front two teeth when I was 7 in the YMCA shower. There were constant trips to the dentist since, as you can't do much except non-permanent bonding to young teeth. I'd just gotten my adult teeth in, too.
55. I am a compulsive speeder on the highway.
56. People who drive slow in the left lane annoy me greatly, too.
57. I have difficulties keeping in touch with people I don't see every day.
58. My favorite color is purple.
59. I own a 3 foot tall emperor penguin, named Charlemagne. I had a thing for penguins when I was younger; my mother thinks I still do, actually.
60. I buy DVDs and then never watch them. But I like to have them.
61. I can talk about anything and everything and go off on tangents that somehow always end up back where I started.
62. I do not understand the red white and blue Christmas light scheme. Christmas is green and red, and always will be.
63. I would not kick Jay Mohr out for eating crackers in bed.
64. My nails always break, or chip, or peel -- I can never seem to grow them out.
65. I am terrible at small talk. I'm extremely outgoing when I get to know someone, but until then, I just don't know what to do..
66. Sushi. I adore sushi. My first experience with sushi was in little Japan, in LA. 6 months before that, I couldn't stand the idea of raw fish with rice.
67. I didn't use to like tomatoes. In fact, I still don't really like raw tomatoes, unless sliced on sandwiches.
68. My dad tried to get me to try kiwi once. He made me close my eyes, while he put something on my tongue; I spit it out immediately and said "Ew! Tomatoes! Yuk!". After I opened my eyes and saw they were green, I tried it and actually liked it.
69. I dislike crunchy bread. Toast, toasted bagels (I microwave mine), english muffins, croutons, you name it, if it's crunchy and bread, it's not for the maigrey. I don't even like potato chips that much.
70. I've never been to Las Vegas or N'Awlins. I'd love to go someday.
71. It is, however, easier to count the number of states I haven't been in, than those I have made an appearance in.
72. I've been told I would do a great job as the first female NFL referee.
73. I am a sucker for long island iced teas.
74. The best fries are from BW3 -- just a bit crispy on the outside, but mostly it's the good mushy potato on the inside. Wendy's are a distant second, and I just don't go for McDonald's fries.
75. I only drink my tea with lemon, stemming from the fact that I had lots of sore throats as a kid, and my mother would always make me hot tea with honey and lemon.
76. I went on a 3 week exchange student visit to France when in 5th grade. I didn't much get along with Sevrine, my exchange student.
77. I've always had a talent for languages. I've taken 5 years of French, a half hear of Spanish (which I was critiqued as speaking with a French accent), and a bit of Latin.
78. I can only read French now, 10 years later. I can't put together a sentence of my own, or listen to it well. This has to do with the fact that I disliked my 5th year French teacher, and decided not to take any more in college.
79. I'm very stubborn.
80. I also am told very often by my father that 'patience is a virtue', but could never wait around long enough to find out if he was right.
81. My dad always waited up for me when I went out at night. Always, every night until I went away from college. My car 'had trouble starting' or 'broke down' a lot. I think he knew what I was up to, but the guilt factor kept me from staying out more than a half hour after curfew.
82. I miss school.
83. I'm planning on going back to get my Masters in Engineering Management this year.
84. I can -- or could, it's been a while -- do a waltz jump and a half flip on ice skates. I took figure skating lessons until I decided I needed the job more.
85. I think my perfect job would be to own an office supply store. I have a thing for office supplies: I have to have one highlighter of every color, a postit of each shape and size. And permanent markers, don't even get me started.
86. I've never done any illegal drugs, nor really had the urge to.
87. I'm also allergic to cigarette smoke, and found this out when I tried those for the first time. It didn't work out so well, and I forgot about the pack of cigarette that was in my inside coat pocket. Imagine my surprise when, 6 months later, I'm going through the pockets, and I find a note from my mother asking me to talk about the cigarettes. Whoops.
88. I've gone to one Van Halen concert. It wasn't that great.
89. In college, we used to name our parties after who ended up curled around the toilet. If there was such a party, the Van Halen concert would have been it.
90. I'm going to take a pottery class next semester. I'm so excited to get back into it; I miss my co op studio from Champaign. (which reminds me that I need to pay for it before they drop me)
91. I have been in love with two people at the same time, and it's an unenviable position to be in.
92. I'm a realistic optimist, with a sarcastic bent.
93. I am in total awe of those who can write to create emotion and feeling and realness.
94. I was on the Junior Varsity badminton team in high school. I was pretty good, too.
95. When going to see Arachnophobia, I was so scared that I left 5 bruises on my friend Monte's arm, one for each of the fingers that was gripping him tightly. Poor guy.
96. It makes me sad, in a way, to know that one of the kids that I was a camp counselor for went to the same college I did, and is already married. And I'm not.
97. I think Kevin Spacey is amazing. And sexy, even after that whole banana scene in K-Pax.
98. Oh yes, I hate bananas. There are no words to describe how I hate the taste, in almost anything. Banana, strawberry-banana, peach-banana -- there are no flavors that can cover up the yuk that is banana. (So you understand how cool Kevin Spacey must be to over come the banana scene)
99. I hate shopping alone. I will always drag someone with, if I can help it.
100. I truly wonder how girls can grow up saying "I want to be a professional cheerleader when I grow up."
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