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journaling vs diarying - Princess — LiveJournal
journaling vs diarying
I think there's a difference in what you write when you know you're writing for an audience, than when you're just trying to get your thoughts down on paper. I think the latter is more therapeutic, more cleansing of your soul, really. When you're writing all those rambling thoughts in your head out without concern for form or function or even spelling, you have a freedom you -- or at least I -- don't have when you know that someone's going to be reading, and thus critiquing, your thoughts.

This isn't to say that there isn't a use for writing so that others will see -- it's just a different kind of writing, and it's more of a 'keeping people updated with my life' or 'post interesting things to see what people say' type of thing.

I'm debating, since I really do need that write-without-consequence kind of writing in order to release some of the emotional stress I've been under, to start writing most of my entries as private, and then just sharing out those that are sharable.

I mean, it's not like I really have the time to write in both an online and a paper journal these days.

thoughts anyone?

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