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I got rear ended tonight.
My first knowledge of this was my head slamming against the headrest.
The driver decided to drive away.
I chased him around the apartment complex nearby, trying frantically to find my phone.
When I found the phone, I dialed 911, and then wondered why it wasn't ringing.
I hit 'send', and even before the 911 person finished saying 911, I said 'Take this number down' and gave her the plate number.
After that, I honked the horn, hoping the driver would stop.
I couldn't tell if it was a guy or a girl, but that caused them to speed up and jump a grass median.
I jumped the grass median, too.
In my car, of course.
I stayed with him for about 3 minutes longer, then he almost hit another car, which I decided not to do.
I lost him.
At this point, I lost my cool and the waterworks started for the next hour.
He might get away scott free, unless he fesses up to hitting me.

I'm fine, except my neck is sore. I'm going to soak it and use the heating pad and see if it's not just due to stress. Otherwise, I guess I'm going into the doctor tomorrow.

The car's fine too, mostly. The hardy Saturn bumper has two holes in it, but the glass on the bumper was all the other person's, and I saw his bumper was hanging down in the front.

This is not what I needed tonight.
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